It's 1.3 billion tons of discarded food around the world. Half of it would end the hunger on the planet.

In order to contribute to the eradication of hunger on the planet and the decrease of methane gas in the atmosphere, Fispal Food Service has joined Invisible Food in its anniversary edition to bring awareness and knowledge to out-of-home food establishments for Non-Food Waste.

With the participation of all visitors, exhibitors and suppliers of the fair, we will make this edition a milestone in the history of food. In addition to mobilizing everyone for the cause, together we will give the correct destination for leftovers. What is not trash, should not go to waste, because it generates methane gas that is 20x more polluting than CO2 on the planet. Thus, all other food will be composted and transformed into organic fertilizer and will be distributed to visitors as a gift for the celebration of 35 years in Fispal.

The food leftovers that are good and proper for consumption, will be directed to those who need it through the Invisible Food application, which connects whoever wants to donate, with whom it needs to receive.100% of the food being directed to the correct destination, will cause the Fispal Food Service will be the first fair in the sector to obtain the seal of the Invisible Food with the stamps Zero Waste Invisible Food and the Seal Zero Methane Invisible food.

When: from 11 to 14 June 2019, at Fispal Food Service
Where: Booth A 194
Free Participation!

In addition to a totally innovative space and educational activities, Invisible Food will provide visitors with:


The lectures will deal with theoretical and practical aspects about:

- Waste of food
- The numbers and problems involved in this waste (environmental and social)
- The wealth we're letting go to the trash
- A conscious and pleasurable look at consumption

Subjects will always start from food, but bringing insight into other wasted items daily such as: time, relationships, affection, routines. The goal is to raise awareness to generate conscious and healthy consumption and a rethinking of everyday actions at work, at home, in life. The lectures will be held in various places of the fair.

Soon, more details about places and times.

Free Consulting

Free 15-minute expert consultations that will help establishments about processes that can be used to reduce food waste in their establishments, and clarify myths and truths about food donation.

About Invisible Food

Uma empresa social, certificada pela FAO/ ONU com o selo Save Food que atua como um hub de soluções tecnológicas com ações de educação e conscientização no combate ao desperdício de alimentos.